The "Red Shrine"

The Red Shrine of the Kenbak-1:

Before the Computer Museum of America in Roswell, Georgia opened up their "brick and mortar" museum, the owner Lonnie Mimms was active in the vintage computer community, as he was amassing his collection and networking with others. He set up some "Pop-Up" displays at events such as the Vintage Computer Festival 4.0 Southwest, where he made an impressive "shrine" to the Kenbak-1 in April, 2016.

I had only been able to find a few photographs of this computer on the internet, but it's clear that this Kenbak-1 is different than any other known machine. A light was missing above the store button, and the top case didn't "seem" to have the red rust ring that the Kenbak-1 currently on display at the Roswell museum shows. In searching through many photos on the museums Facebook page, I came upon the below photo which clearly shows this machine, with the missing light, and a uniquely scratched up top case without any drilled holes. This is definitely a previously undescribed Kenbak-1 and brings up to fourthe number of original Kenbak-1 computers owned by Lonnie Mimms, founder of the Computer Museum of America.

This is definitely a new unique specimen - number 14 on our list. If anyone has any other photos of the below machine, or any inside information into the Computer Museum of America's Kenbak-1 collection (any photos of machines, their back side, or any serial numbers, I'd be very appreciative, and it would help with the list of Extant Kentak's.

Not a bad looking computer, even if it is missing a light (photo permission courtesy of CMoA)

Perhaps a little "Over-the-Top?" Almost a

Spiritual going to Mecca...

(photo premission courtesy CMoA)

Quite the display. They didn't cut any corners here.

CMoA photo

A video of VCF 4.0 on YouTube is here, and it does show the red shrine briefly.