Links to Important Sites

Technical Information on Kenbak-1:

  • Kenbak-1 Theory of Operation: The main technical manual, tells how to maintain your computer, and has all of the schematics, logic diagrams, signal names, and state diagrams.

  • Kenbak-1 Laboratory Exercises: A manual for students with no computer experience, starting with the basics, and teaching how to program through exercises and examples.

  • Kenbak-1 Programming Reference: A manual for experienced programs, teaching the architecture, and details of each instruction in the instruction set.

  • Kenbak-1 Brochure: A sales brochure detailing the Kenbak-1

  • CTI-5050 Brochure: A similar sales brochure made by CTI Educational Products.

Biographies of John Blankenbaker:

While our biography is quite detailed, there have been many articles over the years telling John's story. Here are some:

Links to Kenbak-1 Information:

  • Kenbak-1 Wikipedia: A short, fairly accurate, commonly cited reference.

  • John's Original Website: An old website John made in 2007, has more information than just historical.

  • Achim Baqué's website, which tells his story acquiring the Prototype Kenbak-1 computer. This also has links to many of his other related websites.

  • Chris Davis has designed and sells several reproduction Kenbak-1 emulators, and runs a Facebook forum of users, which has some great programming and use information.

  • Bitsavers Kenbak Archive: Contains manuscript of John's 1986 Boston speech, and three original Kenbak Corporation documents: A sales brochure, the Theory of Operation Manual, and the Programming Reference Manual.